Boldly stand out, step up, and defy the clones of generic shoes

Admire the extraordinary rarity of The Gardnt´s hand-coloring Technique (PATINA), assuring no shoe will merely resemble another.

Unmatched versatility, perfect for any occassion


We've crafted a cutting-edge approach that fuses the power of technology with the artistry of skilled craftsmanship to craft one-of-a-kind items that strike the perfect value.


The on-demand model will not only save money but also conserve resources and reduce pollution. All these benefits make Mr. Earth very happy!

Exchanges and Returns are on the house

Thats right, you wont spend a penny. Just start visualizing how you'll be in the spotlight at every event with your GARDNTs

6 month warranty

We’re grateful and appreciate your trust. That’s why we offer you a 6 month warranty on manufacturing or material defects.

Stress-free buying

You can ask for a refund and return your products within a period of 60 days after the purchase. The only condition is an unused product that’s in the same state in which you received it.


Does it make sense to produce, transport and store in excess and then defer all that cost only to the units sold? WE BELIEVE NO, we believe this must change!

We believe people should be able to express themselves through craftsmanship instead of mass consumer products.

We focus on being the best at producing once you place your order, it is the most efficient and most responsible way with our client and the planet.


"A wearable fusion between fashion, luxury and art"

"A fashion "R-EVOLUTION" where the key pillars are handmade craftsmanship, co-creation and sustainability"

"Gardnt is recognized because of its exquisite elaboration of men's wear"

"A brand whose patina'd shoes and accessories have a rich vintage reminiscent"


This time is NOT for shipping. During the 2 weeks we produce incredible pieces with over 130 hand-made steps. In fact, we are really efficient, don't you think? 

Between assembling and hand painting each piece individually, our artisans dedicate meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every item meets our uncompromising standards of quality and beauty.You’ll get centuries of artisanal knowledge embedded into every hand-made item from us.

After you place your order, we start creating each item one at a time On Demand. With profound dedication and passion, as we produce each item and send it directly to you, we eliminate excess inventory, bypass middlemen, and avoid inflated prices. These savings are then passed on to you. You receive products boasting exceptional style, crafted from quality materials with expert workmanship, all at a fraction of traditional retail prices. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Our products are all crafted by our skilled artisans, who've been trained by seasoned Italian masters. These experts have shared their know-how, which we've seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology, yielding products of the highest quality. 

The outcome? An unparalleled fusion of timeless wisdom and modern innovation, resulting in supremely comfy, durably stylish pieces. It's like the best of the past, wrapped up in super comfort, long-lasting, great looking coolness.