Venetto Blue Patina
Venetto Blue Patina
Venetto Blue Patina
Venetto Blue Patina
Venetto Blue Patina

Venetto Blue Patina

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  • Hand Made with Italian Techniques
  • Hand painted leather with Patina technique
  • Superleggera soles (ultra-light)
  • Memory foam insoles

 Produced on-demand to be send in max 2 weeks

Unlike traditional retail, we take care of every aspect of production, from design to quality control. By offering our products directly to you, we are able to eliminate costly intermediaries, retail operations, inventory, and high overhead expenses. All the savings are passed on to you seamlessly.

Masterpieces in the Making

We take pride in our handcrafted shoes, meticulously made with authentic Italian techniques and created specifically for you. While it may take up to two weeks for our skilled artisans to bring your footwear to life, we assure you that the wait is worthwhile. The artistry and attention to detail poured into each pair result in unparalleled quality and a personalized touch that sets our shoes apart. Embrace the anticipation and discover the satisfaction of owning a truly exceptional pair of shoes that reflects your unique style.

The art of craftsmanship

Our products are hand-made by our artisans who have been trained by Italian senior masters. They’ve transferred their knowledge and know-how to us and we’ve combined it with state-of-the-art technology to make top quality items.

magic is in the details

We are obsessed with making the best shoes. This means that we are focused on every detail, every seam, the type of adhesive, the cut and the elasticity of the leathers we use. There are a lot of things that cannot be seen at first glance but we guarantee that we are dedicated to manufacture the best products.

timeless style
We create our own rendition of the classics

We break free from fleeting trends. We design timeless shoe models that stand the test of time, transcending seasons and effortlessly staying in style. Our philosophy revolves around creating footwear that is not bound by temporary fads, but rather focuses on enduring utility and timeless appeal.


We make unique, premium quality products without a premium price tag. We produce with 70% less pollution, thanks to our new business model.

We produce on demand. More efficiency. No excess inventory, no logistics costs or intermediaries. All these benefits are transferred to you and to the environment.

Shipping details

Our products are custom-made for you in limited quantities and delivered directly to your doorstep. With no excess inventory, no middlemen, and no inflated prices, we pass on the savings to provide you with exceptional style, quality materials, and expert craftsmanship at a fraction of traditional retail prices. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.
Please allow a shipping period of approximately two weeks for delivery.


Your only worry is how to wear your new GARDNTs. We’ll take care of the exchanges and returns. They’re easy to do and completely free.

*Does not apply to items on sale


We’re grateful and appreciate your trust. That’s why we offer you a 6 month warranty on manufacturing or material defects.


You can ask for a refund and return your products within a period of 60 days after the purchase. The only condition is an unused product that’s in the same state in which you received it.

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