Leather Wallet Black

Leather Wallet Black
Leather Wallet Black
Leather Wallet Black
Leather Wallet Black
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How are our prices possible?

Diverging from the conventional retail model, we meticulously oversee every stage of production, encompassing design and quality control.

By directly providing our products to you, we eradicate the need for expensive intermediaries, retail operations, inventory management, and excessive overhead costs. As a result, we seamlessly transfer all the cost savings directly to you.

Elevate your essentials with a hand-patina'd leather wallet. Artistry comes alive as rich tones merge, forming a canvas of sophistication. A tactile delight, each touch tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Full Grain Leather Crust that's durable and acts as a blank slate for creation
Linning: Vachetta leather for breathability and temperature regulating
Insole: Memory foam for added support and comfort
Outsole: Supperleggera (ULTRALIGHT) EVA sole for lightness and ease
Threads: Italian waxed threads for added resistance

Handcolouring technique from Italy that allows for infinite finishing effects and possibilities
Handmade: With time-honored artisanal methods, preserving tradition and heritage
Outsole Bonding: Securely bonded using environmentally safe glue

  • Shipments within a maximum of 15 days.
  • Free Exchange & Returns


Most people`s need for approval makes them try to look like everyone else, thats not your case, right? Shoes for Leaders, not followers


Centuries of Italian knowledge passed down to you, at a great value and only 2 weeks wait.

F*ck Cloned shoes, I'm unique!

We trasure the rarity of our hand-coloring technique PATINA, that guarantees no product will merely resamble another, reflecting our commitment to exclusivity and style.


We make unique, premium quality products without a premium price tag. We produce with 70% less pollution, thanks to our new business model.

We produce on demand. More efficiency. No excess inventory, no logistics costs or intermediaries. All these benefits are transferred to you and to the environment.


We take approximately 2 weeks to produce and send incredible pieces with over 130 hand-made steps.

Our artisans dedicate meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you get centuries of artisanal knowledge and quality into every item.

Exchanges and Returns are on the house

You wont spend a penny. Just start visualizing how you'll be in the spotlight at every event with your GARDNTs

6 month extended warranty

More than enough time for you to confirm there are no manufacturing or material defects on your items.

Love them or get your money back

If you're not vibing with your purchase, just send it back in its original unused state for a full refund.

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“Gardnt is recognized because of its exquisite elaboration of men’s wear”

“A Brand whose patina’d shoes and accessories have a rich
vintage reminiscent”

“A wearable fusión between fashion, luxury and art”

“A fashion “R-EVOLUTION” where the key pillars are handmade craftsmanship, co-creation and sustainability”